JABSOM's Strategic Plan Site
Collaborate with Stakeholders to Meet Hawaii's Existing, Emerging & Future Health Care Needs
Excel in Research & DiscoveryExcel in Education & TeachingExcel in Clinical HealingExcel in Community ServiceExcel in Advancing R-E-C-C FunctionsExcel in Capitalizing on Opportunities
Develop Centers of Excellence in areas of proven strengthBuild World-Class medical education programsCreate World-Class Virtual Academic Medical CenterHelp meet health care needs of Pacific Rim RegionIncrease the financial reserves of JABSOM in 5 years by at least 10%Help Hawaii respond constructively to Obama-care
Recruit & retain top basic science & clinical talent

Build synergy amongst research departments
Enhance recruiting & retention with more scholarships

Establish sustainable funding model to support educational mission
Improve alignment & inclusiveness w/ strategic partners

Develop strategic alliances with teaching hospitals
Develop integrated multi-disciplinary health care system

Help meet health care needs of Neighbor Islands
Educate public on full value of strong medical school

Increase research-education-clinical faculty incentives
Develop 5-year plan for 50th ann

Build alliance with UH Cancer Center
Effectively execute on research grants in the pipeline

Provide & maintain quality facilites & infrastructure

Streamline fiscal & administrative processes for grants
Provide students with program choices / flexibility

Further develop the quality and depth of student/resident educational programs and support services

Enhance recruitment of students/residents
Develop growth plans for each clinical department

Grow & strengthen the clinical faculty practice group

Build infrastructure to recruit & retain
Build collaboration with clinical & research institutions

Lead integrative effort to meet state work-force needs

Expand community partnerships for medical education
Develop strategic communications & marketing plan

Modernize video & website capability, tools & usage

Enhance near-term stability of multi-source funding
Enhance quality of resident support & training programs

Grow UCERA participation by 25% & the UCERA financial reserves by 50%

Coordinate UH & JABSOM strategic planning initiatives
Goal ():
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